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It's Time To Buy Some Good Cases For Your IPhone X

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It's Time To Buy Some Good Cases For Your IPhone X

It's Time To Buy Some Good Cases For Your iPhone X

Since you spent your hard-earned money on your iPhone, you should also probably spend a little bit of extra cash on finding some iPhone X protective cases, that can save your phone. This is a small price to pay to have such a great phone, besides that premium price you already paid.

Tempered Glass Magnetic Bumper Case

This is an amazing case for any phone, but for an iPhone, it fits perfectly. In case you can’t figure out why that’s true- just take a look at it! The new iPhone is already a beautifully constructed phone with its all-glass front and back. The older ones will seem the same with this case!

When speaking about iPhone X protective cases, this case comes up in the conversation for its form factor - and how it doesn’t disrupt the construction of the phone itself. If you had this case on your phone, most people may not even notice it!


It has a solid metal frame around the edges to save your phone from drops. It’s also wireless charging compatible. Best of all, it’s innovative magnetic design makes it really easy to take your phone in and out of the case if need be.

Cherry Series Shockproof Armor Slim iPhone Case

The Cherry series bumper rear cover case is even more rugged than it looks - and it looks pretty rugged, to begin with, thanks to that camo pattern. It comes in an array of colors, green, red, red & black, black, pink, camo green, gray… you get the gist.

It doesn’t simply fall into the list of iPhone X protective cases just because of its cool camo design though. This case is on this list simply because of its beefiness. Don’t be fooled, it’s not an ugly thick case that’ll look like it’s eating your beautiful iPhone.


This case has been practically designed to offer the best protection for your phone without going overboard. This case is also wireless charging compatible while having dual-layered protection around the edges to give it a high impact resistance - and that is ensured. It covers the screen with a front panel and saves everything else with its beefy bumpers.

360 Degree Waterproof Case

The 360-degree waterproof case truly belongs in the list of iPhone X protective cases. The reason for this is simple - its simple design. Yes, that sounds a little paradoxical but allow me to explain. The more complicated a machine is, the easier it is to break by messing with just a single screw.

Thinking this way, you are probably able to see why this case is classed as “indestructible”. It is also available in a bunch of colors like cyan, black, pink, and blue so that you can match it with your sense of style.


It features wireless charging, covers on all the ports to keep the water out, a raised camera bezel to protect the lens - and most importantly a secure grippy rubber finish so that your phone doesn’t slip out of your grip. Oh, and of course, it’s waterproof.

Carbon Fiber Shockproof Case

Carbon fiber is known all around the world as one of the lightest and most indestructible materials on Earth. To use it and make an iPhone case would make that case belong with the rest of the iPhone X protective cases.

It can very easily protect your phone from drops up to 13 feet onto hard concrete. That’s really something to appreciate because even a person would hurt themselves falling from that height.


This case is innovatively designed with bumper corners, airlock sidebars, a shockproof back panel, anti-slip grips - and more! It’s wireless charging compatible too. It definitely boasts every feature that a flagship phone cover should have.

Waterproof Premium Quality Case

The boost series case may be the king of the list of iPhone X protective cases. The reason for this is because it boasts any feature you could possibly think of adding to an iPhone case.

It’s 100% shockproof and impact resistant. If you have any worries about getting your iPhone wet, then you can let them go also because this case is purely waterproof. With both of these things combined, you are offered military-grade protection.


Drop your phone in this case from 40 feet and it’ll still be scratchless - that’s the guarantee you get with the boost series case. Since it can do pretty much everything, it is also wireless charging compatible.


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