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The 3 Toughest iPhone Cases To Survive Any Drop

Posted by Accounting Office on

The 3 Toughest iPhone Cases To Survive Any Drop

The 3 Toughest iPhone Cases To Survive Any Drop

The toughest iPhone cases are the ones that can survive any kind of drop, and keep your phone safe while they’re at it. It’s hard to find cases of such high quality, and so that’s why we’re here to help you find the toughest, most protective iPhone cases - to keep your iPhone safe!

Military-Grade Waterproof Premium Quality iPhone Slim Case

The first case on the lineup is a serious contender to be one of the toughest iPhone cases around. Right off the bat, it offers military-grade waterproof protection for the phone - up to 4 meters deep. That means you can take your phone swimming with you into any body of water - seas, lakes, or pools.

Besides being able to swim with your phone, you’ll also be able to save it from serious bumps and drops. The case is made to easily withstand impacts from up to 6-feet. The TPU bumper along the edges makes the phone harmlessly bounce off whatever surface it falls on. The buttons on the bumper feel great to click also.

toughest iPhone cases

Finally, there are a couple of extra hidden quirks and features of this case. Stealthily on the back, there is a kickstand that allows you to enjoy viewing media on your iPhone to the max. Besides that, the mute button has a little dial which you rotate to toggle it - a niftier method than what’s on the phone originally.

When it comes to the toughest iPhone cases, this case is a serious contender that also brings a bunch of extra features with it. It’s definitely worth your attention, so go check it out.


Next up, let’s move along to the Brickguard Premium Protective Thinnest iPhone X Case. You can tell this is one of the toughest iPhone cases just because of the name, even though it also states that this is one of the thinnest iPhone cases. It’s a very interesting and unique case.

The first unique and interesting thing about the case is the backside of it. It has perforated grooves along the back shaped to give your hand a bit of support when you hold your phone. This helps and makes it so you’re less likely to drop your phone, to begin with. Those grooves warp around almost to the sides of the case, to offer a bit of extra impact protection also.

On the top and bottom edges of the case are a couple of TPU bumpers also, to save your phone and give it some real shock absorption. More interestingly, this case comes with a front panel protector to save your screen from any scratches - it truly doesn’t compromise on anything, definitely securing its position as one of the toughest iPhone cases.

This case also has a kickstand on the back, and it’s so well integrated into the design that you may overlook it, and miss it at first. It just proves that this case is geniusly designed.

Tempered Glass Magnetic Bumper Case

Finally, you will get to hear about the Tempered Glass Magnetic Bumper Case. First and foremost, it’s important to mention that this would not be one of the toughest iPhone cases if it was really made out of just regular old glass. Instead, this is tempered glass which is made to be resistant to shattering.

This may definitely be one of the most interesting phone cases discussed so far. To begin with, let’s explain the magnetism. The case is made of a bisected metal bumper that is magnetized. Meaning that there is a “front part” and a “back part” to this case that attach to each other magnetically.


This makes for incredibly easy installations, as well as a few other bonuses. The metal bumper is a great solid material to deflect the impact that would otherwise go to your phone from a drop. Interestingly, this phone case has only a back panel protector, saving only the backside from scratches.

However, all in all, this is certainly one of the toughest iPhone cases out there. No other case can offer everything this one is able to in such a well put together package.


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