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The Samsung Galaxy Fold - Why You Don’t Want One

Posted by Angel Rondon on

The Samsung Galaxy Fold - Why You Don’t Want One


Do you remember the huge Samsung Galaxy fold fail that happened a few months back? Right before the launch, the Galaxy Fold seemed like it was going to be what would revolutionize the smartphone industry that has been stagnant for years and years. 

Unfortunately, as it unveiled, it also unveiled a lot of problems that come with that form of a foldable phone. For that reason, let’s go over some of the most significant Samsung Galaxy Fold fails and see why it’s not the right choice for the phone.

Way Too Delicate

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was way too delicate when it was first unveiled. This is around the time it was exclusively given to a few influencer's on YouTube. Before any of those content creators could really even begin to test the phone thoroughly, it started falling apart in their hands.

Screen Protector


There was, of course, the infamous “screen protector” error, where people thought that the device was shipped with a pre-applied screen protector. When they tried to remove it, they quickly came to realize that it was an integral part of the folding display. 


This was a MASSIVE Samsung Galaxy Fold fail because it happened right in Samsung’s face as it was unveiling its revolutionary new device to the world. If this were any other phone, like a regular Samsung Galaxy phone, you could apply an armor case on it that came with a screen protector - et voila!

Unfortunately for Samsung, they didn’t think about the variables that would come into play in an uncontrolled environment.

Hinge Mechanism


The next huge Samsung Galaxy Fold fails that came up was the One with the mechanism. Samsung claimed that their hinge mechanism was built using the same precise craftsmanship that’s put into making swiss watches. 

Regardless or not if that’s true, what matters most is that the hinge mechanism is entirely useless as soon as it comes into contact with some dust, dirt, or pebbles. Unfortunately for Samsung, they couldn’t launch this phone with water or dust protection. They couldn’t even launch the phone a kind of case that could prevent dust, water, or dirt from getting in.

Delicate Screen 


Finally, one of the last Galaxy Fold fails that came at the same time as all the other litany of issues with this phone was the incredibly delicate screen. Though we already spoke about the screen protector/cover confusion that caused Samsung a lot of embarrassment, the delicate screen is an issue in and of itself.

The issue with the delicate screen is that, if pressed even a little too hard, the screen will permanently crease, which means that even the slightest extra amount of pressure could cause permanent damage to your novelty device. 


Samsung couldn’t work this out due to the materials used in the making of the phone –– but again, they could have come up with an innovative case design that would make the prevalence of this issue something that just wasn’t noteworthy. Unfortunately, that’s not what Samsung did. 

Final Words

Samsung stuck to their original design, adding only a few last-minute preventative measures to stop all the aforementioned issues that came up with the Samsung Galaxy fold. Who knows, perhaps if they took their time and thought a bit more outside the box, they wouldn’t have had to deal with all of these Galaxy Fold fails.


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