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The Top 3 Rugged iPhone Cases To Get Right Now!

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The Top 3 Rugged iPhone Cases To Get Right Now!

The Top 3 Rugged iPhone Cases To Get Right Now!

If you want to protect your iPhone, then you’re gonna want to shop for some rugged iPhone cases. It can be hard to find quality cases these days though, so let us help you figure out exactly what you need to protect your premium flagship phone.


The Full body rugged case for the iPhone is one of the most rugged iPhone cases. It only comes in one color, but that one color looks better than anything else on the market. It’s an incredibly protective, yet slim case. Meaning, you can have your phone fit in your skinny jeans!

In all seriousness though, the case is quite slender and is much more rugged than you would anticipate. It has a front and back panel protector, to protect your screen and the glass on the back from your phone from shattering or scratching.

rugged iphone cases

The bumper along the edge saves your phone from every angle it can be dropped from. It has a non-slip texture, and the buttons on it are incredibly responsive and satisfying to click.


The Luxury Armor Shockproof case for iPhones is one of the most protective cases you could have. When it comes to rugged iPhone cases, this one hangs right around the top. It has been thoughtfully designed in every way to give your phone the most protection possible. It comes in multiple colors.

Let’s start along the edges. The “bumper” part of this case has airbag cushions to absorb the shock when you drop your phone. Meaning you can drop your phone from head-height and it’ll be totally fine.

rugged iphone cases

The case fits snugly and securely around your phone, there is no wiggle room or play. It also comes with a screen protector, right out of the box to help you deal with scratches. All the ports on this case are open, and the buttons are incredibly satisfying to press.

Cherry Series - Shockproof Armor Slim iPhone X Xs Max Case

The Cherry Series iPhone case is the king of rugged iPhone cases. You can tell by simply looking at the case. It has bug bumpers around the corners, as well as a separate screen protector that’s attached to the face of the phone.

The Cherry series comes in a large variety of colors, and also features military camo patterns on some of them. Though the camos don’t give any extra protection, they look pretty sick.

rugged iphone cases

This case protects your phone from every angle and leaves no space for any damage to occur. Both the front and the back are covered with a clear panel. The case is constructed using a honeycomb pattern to increase shock-absorption to the max.

Final Words

To learn more about rugged iPhone cases, visit our store and check our collection of the greatest phone cases and accessories available on the market today!


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