About Us

I went to school to study psychology because I have always had a fascination for the reasons behind why people do things. I mean, have you ever thought why you do the things you do throughout your daily life? Why do you take 6 steps instead of 5 to step from your bed to your closet - is there any specific reason? Why do we function the way we do?

I am not that old -- 38 is arguably pretty young. What’s fascinating about having lived this long is that I’ve been able to see the evolution of the smartphone. 

Phones started out as just any other tool, but after they became smartphones they began to become much more than simple tools. Smartphones became fashion statements for people, their inseparable companions, their source of productivity and their lifeline.

By now, smartphones have become an extension of ourselves; and that is what we try to understand at Qayse. Similar to how you would feel if you injured a part of your body, you also feel a comparable pain if you ever break your smartphone. 

It is for that reason that at Qayse, we try to handpick and manufacture the best accessories for your mobile phone. It is our ambition to make our accessories something that you can be proud to carry around with a smile on your face, rather than out of necessity to protect your phone.

When we were starting off, we would outsource everything. As we grew somewhat, we were able to realize that was neither an ideal business model nor a sustainable one. We now have 12 of our very own dedicated and talented product lines that work on bringing you amazing new products. All of this is thanks to our business model of close self-monitoring and incremental improvements.

Having started from very humble beginnings, we have grown, transformed, and evolved into what we are today through pure dedication. Looking back at our origins motivates us to stay fresh and keep updating our lineup with all the latest phone trends and accessories - just so that we can keep bringing you the best.

If it were not for our valued customers, meaning people like yourself, none of this would have been possible for us. It is for that reason I wish to thank you for aiding us along on our journey.

Thank you so much, and God Bless.


  • Brendan Davis